Bacchanalia is a brand new destination by Caprice Holdings, owners of a collection of
exclusive establishments including Scott’s, J. Sheekey and Sexy Fish.
Inspired by the Roman god of wine, celebration and liberation, we’re reimagining
banqueting for today’s sophisticated tastes. Blending past and present, this is a world of
Mediterranean delicacies, revelry and artistry. It’s an ode to living in the moment, a feast
for the senses. The menu is refined Greek and Italian, dialled up to 1000. The wine list has
exclusive vintages you won’t find anywhere else. The interiors are a riot of creativity by
Martin Brudnizki, with original antique sculptures and contemporary artworks by the likes
of Damian Hirst.

Being a gracious host and a friend to strangers was the ancients’ way, and is our modus
operandi. People will be coming to us here in Mayfair for an unforgettable experience and
to indulge in the finest of everything. Join us to welcome them in, and serve up this
immersive phenomenon.